The latest update of the Guild Wars 2 life world today continue to “the seeds of truth”

December 18th, 2014


Seeds of truth,” band together to Tyria leaders find they fight, they consideredthemselves until she ran to the legendary dragon eggs, they beat mordremoth ahope. In the battle of the footprint of the players will be a strange, dark road,where they will constantly learning new secret life world legend, exciting newgame in the silverwastes map, and continue to build their new armor sets.

Memories of life

To find out what may now need to know her. In the pale under the help of the tree, game player will follow the footsteps of what, because they know more about their early memories, they may find important information.


The silverwastes

The secret of silverwastes continue to be found. If the player to help the localskritt population, they will get their tunnel, which will allow the player to travel quickly, different regions to map. Players will also be with the dock scratch newjumping puzzle tests, silverwastes skritt pirate ship loaded in deep. As a player,travel and exploration, they must save resources collect carapace and lightarmor boots and trousers pieces.

In addition to the new story driven life world Season 2 content, competition Guild Wars 2 is a major event in the release and expectation on the horizon, let the new update:

PVP update

Players on the infrastructure players is seen a month this tremendous changes,including a new map voting system, matching the tips and warnings, reworkmatchmaking, service in the fog center of NPC, and the ladder seasonintroduction experiment.


The world series finals

The finals of the world series will be held in Beijing in December 5th where the top teams from North America, Europe and China in Guild Wars 2 competitive activity is facing a $50000.

RUNESCAPE help players in the wilderness

August 9th, 2016


RUNESCAPE wilderness area is a dangerous and attractive area fraught with danger, and increase your character (and his or her coffers) lucrative opportunities. However, developers fear the region has proved to be too scary for some adventure.

Into the wilderness of the task, the task of a series of lines, encourage players to dip their toes into the area, and use items and ability to make further exploration and reward them more palpable. The first layer is both a reward and a powerful lamp XP wilderness sword task, which Jagex hopes will help get players hooked area.
The studio has been improved in several other sectors, including beefing up its Skilling point, bankers added to the region, and could create the most boring a wilderness – but attractive – MMO mini-games forever.

“A pair of switches have been added to the southeast edge of the forest wilderness highest score of the rack may not be dead after press one by one many times can you attack in the following news milestone 10,100,1000, Wan broadcast, and so on. when you kill chain end or cancellation of the press. “

FreeStyle2: Black Lightning arrival

September 29th, 2015

His warriors saluted and ran off to prepare. Garrosh returned to his seat with Gorehowl resting across his lap. He would lead them all to victory, and his father’s axe would sing in the glory of battle once again. Garrosh bared his teeth in a sharp grin.

One of the three new ballers Gamekiss “street basketball online games, FreeStyle2, has released coupon black lightning entered the game allows players to throw down. Players will be able to take the darker streets Nick Lightning team, Lynn, or James Kim these three characters to fill different roles on the court with Nick is a center specializing in rebounds, Lynn is a point guard, which specializes in mobile and theft, as well as James King as the shooting guard or small forward and two bonus double pointer and three -pointers for some general shooting.

Coupons began in 1890 credits, a role all the way up to 3700 credits of 40 players must reach level usually purchased at different levels.

Other road incident early access on August 26

September 29th, 2015

“The minute they attacked our source of fresh water, it became a Horde problem. We all suffer as one, and your delays cost us daily. I will not stand idly by and watch you make a mockery of the strength and will of the Horde. This aggression will be checked, and soon.” With that, Garrosh marched out of the room and disappeared from view.

It seems, other land not just alive. On the contrary, it is close to the transmitter. After six years, two of which have been spent with Drago entertainment, August 26, the game will reach steam Early Access. The team has decided to go through early access, instead of the “traditional beta stage” because they believe it will further relates to the final testing phase of society.

In this release, Drago entertainment are claimed to have on the early use of steam, one of the most advanced game, with “collecting and cloning” project and preparation, as well as their own homes and to participate in a wide range of PvP functional capacity. Housing and clan wars clan just announced earlier this week visited the scene soon after the early start.

The final version is planned for the beginning of 2016 the price for early access to buy without words, but at first it will not be free. During beta, there will be buy-in, instead of the item shop, optional DLC. The final business model is “may vary between regions.” Decisions and

Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei cross the Wii U date in Japan

September 14th, 2015

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, the Wii U cross game featuring two franchises, launched in Japan on December 26, Nintendo announced.

Genei Ibun the Roku #FE, because it is Japan’s well-known on the date of the game’s Japanese website a blog post. The blog is displayed, the first run will provide a copy of a free DLC including those from other Artes games, including Shin Megami Tensei IV costumes.He rushed forward, grasping Viryx by her sun-sage raiment before she could draw her dagger.

In addition, a special version is also being released loud. According to the translation Siliconera, which consists of a special box, soundtrack CD, art books, and extra clothing DLC. Japan will also get a special Wii U package, which includes a system, three DLC mission, stickers and the like. Pricing for these versions do not share.”Terokk. The ancient king. It is lies… all lies. What he was. What he did. What the curse is.”

We first heard SMTxFE early in January 2013 as we recently learned that the original vision is based on the style of the game Fire Emblem cross, but was abandoned in favor of RPG game is more like a game SMT and Mask (mask as a child within the SMT series). Fire Emblem characters in the game function, as well as some aspects of the franchise, such as triangular weapons there. You can read more about the game and its origins here.Four bladetalons, elite warriors of the Adherents, crashed through the canopy.

Nintendo has not yet shared an international version of the game. Taking into account earlier this year, and its appearance at E3 Nintendo Direct, however, it looks like the company intends to bring to Western markets.They carried a wingblade in each hand, a crescent-shaped weapon embossed with gold filigree.

This Star Wars Battlefront game video looks amazing

September 14th, 2015

New game screen is EA’s upcoming Star Wars Battlefront has emerged – and it looks great.”Time is of the essence, Reshad. Where is the scroll?”

Consider the following shot, which apparently comes from the PC game closed alpha. Visual effects extraordinarily nice and sharp – options must be switched 1080p / 60fps in.”Just a moment, just a moment…” The one called Reshad lowered his voice.

Shown here is the sheer size of the front line, on this planet Hoth 20v20 Walker attack mode. In the 10-minute video shows the game’s weapon selection menu, a large number of third-person shooting.Viryx edged along the bough to hear what was being said. A little farther.

In front about other recent news, pre-order the game’s $ 450 Darth Vader theme PlayStation4 console opening this week. For more information, click here.And for a brief, unsettling moment, Viryx met his eyes.

Frontline Xbox launch in November one of PlayStation4 and PC. A beta of the game will be all platforms begin in early October. The beta will let you try a walker Assault Hawes, people living in the Tatooine mission to set new drop zone mode.The branch cracked under her weight. The disguised arakkoa jerked his head up.

Guild Wars 2 New Update Brings Forth the Queen’s Jubilee

August 12th, 2015

These balloons will be used to transport players to Tyria, where the celebration will be happening, along with attending the opening ceremony at the Crown Pavilion, where you can also fight in the Queen’s Gauntlet. Other new features include Watchwork technology which allows for new parts in crafting recipes for creating new runes, sigils and tonics, along with the Sovereign Weapon Set.

You’ll also be able to take part in a new PvP Solo Arena, along with a new daily mini-game rotation which will include Sanctum Sprint, Keg Brawl, Southsun Survival and Crab Toss. Players can also now keep all their currencies in a single unified wallet for all characters on that account. This should definitely help encourage more cross-play between the different characters. Did we mention bonus rewards for finishing dungeons and exploring new paths?


New 13 Minute Final Fantasy XIV Trailer Showcases Destruction of the World

August 12th, 2015

Square’s upcoming Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn looks like it will be a serious contender in a rather crowded genre- although its gameplay mechanics are honestly nothing new and pretty par on the course for the kind of game that it is, it looks to have oodles of that Final Fantasy charm, which is sure to set it apart from the other MMOs on the market.

It also looks really good- the thirteen minute long trailer that you see above shows off the ‘destruction of the world’ (in the game lore, that is how the transition from the original, maligned Final Fantasy XIV to A Realm Reborn was explained), the character creator, and then proceeds to show us some in game footage as well. The game looks absolutely gorgeous, with an incredible artstyle (it is a Square Enix game after all) and the technical graphics backing it up to boot; what also sounds incredibly great is the music.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn comes to PC later this year; a PS3 version follows, and it will also hit PS4 next year.


‘World of Warcraft': Flying Mounts Are Coming to Draenor After All

August 1st, 2015

The team at Blizzard has been busy overseeing the official launch of Heroes of the Storm over the last week, but the powerhouse developer still has content in the works for all of its other ongoing games, as well. World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor, will be one-year old in November and unlike the previous few expansions, players are still unable to take flight in the new zone. The inability to mount up and fly over mobs has caused a lot of controversy in the World of Warcraft community.

Usually, when players gain access to a new zone or continent in Azeroth, they must reach the new max level before they unlock the ability to use flying mounts in the new area. Player-controlled flying wasn’t originally a part of the game, but has become one its most convenient features in the ten years since the game launched. Due to a desire to keep a focus on world exploration, Blizzard has been holding back on flying permissions in Draenor since November.

Blizzard recently reminded players of its desire the keep heroes on the ground in Draenor and the community showed its unhappiness on the game’s general chat channel and on the forums. Blizzard, always one to adapt, took note of the issues and has already released plans for an upcoming patch to address the issue.

“… We will be introducing a new meta-achievement called Draenor Pathfinder. You’ll earn this achievement in Patch 6.2 by mastering the outdoor environment of Draenor… Initially, this achievement will award a rylak mount: the Soaring Skyterror, one of the native beasts that roam Draenor’s skies. Players will remain ground-bound on Draenor until a small follow-up patch (6.2.x), when all players who have earned Draenor Pathfinder on at least one character will unlock the ability to fly in Draenor on all their level 90+ characters.”

Blizzard Bans 100000 World of Warcraft Players

In order to earn the achievement that will eventually unlock flying in Draenor, players will have to put in some serious hours on the Orc home planet. To become a Draenor Pathfinder, heroes must prove their worth by exploring Draenor’s zones, collecting 100 treasures in Draenor, completing the Draenor Loremaster and Securing Draenor achievements, and raising the three new Tanaan Jungle reputations to Revered.

Players who have been grinding dailies in Draenor since the expansion’s launch probably already have a healthy amount of these tasks completed. Starting from scratch will definitely take some time though.

Blizzard’s change in heart may seem flip-floppy to some, but this is exactly the kind of flexibility that has made World of Warcraft one of the only subscription fee-based MMOs to last more than a decade. Blizzard gives a lot of power to the players and the developers take user feedback into serious consideration when making these kinds of big decisions. Many other MMO developers could learn a lot from this example.

Are you excited to fly in Draenor? Will you take the time to earn the achievement? Let us know in the comments.

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor is now available on PC and Mac.


What should we expect from Games?

August 1st, 2015

Like every year Blizzard is present to this huge gaming convention and the year 2015 is no exception.

Since patch 6.2 is the last content patch for Warlords of Draenor, I really think Blizzard will announce something that has to do with the future of WoW. After all they announced a Press Conference. They have to announce something!

Will it be a new expansion? Will it be a new patch… Something similar to Sunwell? I guess we just have to wait a few more days and see.

Anyhow, let’s not forget about the other Blizzard games or the Warcraft Movie. I’m pretty sure there something prepared for us. Keep in mind that two years ago Diablo 2 expansion was announced, so maybe this time it’s World of Warcraft’s time to shine. Oh, and for those who will attend the event, you’ll be able to play Overwatch a little bit. Considering that we know about the future plans when it comets to the other games, most likely we’ll hear something about a new WoW expansion…

Games 2015 will start Wednesday, 5th of August at noon, CEST time. Any of you attending this year’s Games? Any of you want to take a guess on what the announcement will it be about?


Sylvari Drawing and Colouring

July 22nd, 2015

With a few people talking about drawing lately like MMO Gamer and on the twitters like Missy I’ve been kind of feeling the mood again too. I haven’t drawn much in years although, that is except a sylvari inspired outfit I was working on.

This got me thinking about trying to actual colour it, not just with the coloured pencils I have around, in a box somewhere within the office clutter, but actually tryign to paint it digitally.

So I set to work in GIMP once more which I don’t think is terribly optimal for such things. I outlined the major points in Black, zooming in pretty close and folling along the lines with a small black Pencil. I then tried addings some block colours and realised that there were holes in those lines everywhere so I had to go over them all again.

I Then created a duplicate layer with these lines and placed it just underneath on the the Lines layers, that way if colour bleeds over a little the lines will still keep it clean.

From there I duplicated this layer and then began using the magic colour wand tool thingy to select base colours and add a little gradient to it. This seemed to work out pretty well although still doesn’t have the depth I wanted. From here, which I did a bit on the chin line, is adding some darker shading and blending it in. This layer is actually above my base lines as then you get those black lines peeking through after you’ve blended a bit creating a better, but smoother definition.

Seems it’s working out (except for the feet, GRRRR) but taking a loooooong time. I probably should read up on how people actually do this instead of how I kind of fumbled around to do it